Another trick I do to smooth up feeding of the Ruger magazines,,,,,

I will grind up to about the
red mark in the picture below to prevent the coil spring from "bunching up" against the follower and causing "jumpy" feeding action as the coils "un-bind" themselves from being wedged against the follower. This in no way affects stability of the follower.

I am SURE to always leave enough "meat" around the pin hole

THIS IS WHAT "I" DO ON "MY" EQUIPMENT modify "your" equipment on your own liability
I am in no way saying you should do this

(eventually when I get done) EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know,,,,
If I'm missing anything, have something wrong
or you would like to see additional information,,
Just click here or email LEE@LMEXCAVATING.COM
Or call 812-853-5007
Still Working on this page
But have some info up,,
Ruger has used pretty much used the same magazine from the beginning
BUT there are some differences outlined below (when I get to it)
AS WELL as some techniques to make them more reliable
I have been working on this for about a year in my own shooting,,,,,

And helping some others,,
SO,, it is not an exact solution just yet.

Basically I have found MOST new magazines are not "open" enough in the feeding area,,
ALSO you can use your magazine as a gauge to see different rim sizes, load 10 rounds and make note of where your button ends up with various ammo, it will vary.

I currently use a 1/2 chisel with an index mark on it. I insert it as a gauge lined up parallel with the magazine body. I want it to hit the mark "freely" not forced.

If it does not hit the mark I "stuff" the chisel in deeper to wedge the opening apart, I carefully do this until I get to the condition mentioned above.

I have set all my magazines to the setting below in the pictures and it has made a noticeable difference and has been proven in other's magazines as well.

THIS IS WHAT "I" DO ON "MY" EQUIPMENT modify "your" equipment on your own liability
I am in no way saying you should do this

Click on image to enlarge
Been getting requests for this information so I'm putting it up,

If Tandemkross makes a video on it and does NOT credit their source just remember where it came from originally. I hate sleezbag tactics like that, but anyway on to the information.
I have found many "feeding" issues are magazine related,,,,,

But some are not. If the hull of the spent round is still in the receiver and caused a "stove pipe" it's most likely extractor or ejector related.

Your magazine feeds ammo up to a "moving" bolt,,
You fire the pistol and the force of that explosion drives the bolt back
The recoil spring pushes the bolt forward again
In this cycle the bolt should catch the upper part of the rim of the next cartridge
If the cartridge does NOT stick out of the magazine enough then the bolt does not "grab" it as it should and you will tend to have bullets stuck on the base of the ramp or hitting the top of the chamber
Click on image to enlarge
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